Monthly Meeting Program Schedule

Below is a list of the monthly meeting program topics. Meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 6:30PM and are over by 8:00 PM. Please note that all meetings will be held at the Trussville Civic Center, unless otherwise announced.


January 14: Techniques and processes with Ken Boyd, professional photographer; author/photographer of Historic North American Locomotives and Watermills of North America

February 11

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 9

July 14

August 11 

September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8: Holiday Social Event


January 8, 2019: Jeff Newman, Red Mountain Park and Josh Box, Underground Birmingham

February 12, 2019:Parastoo “Paris” Farzad Lykins, Owner of Birmingham School of Photography

March 12, 2019:Beth Cowan Drake, Alabama the Beautiful Facebook Group

April 9, 2019:Ruffner Mountain Photography by Bob Farley, Freelance Photographer.  Equipment insurance rep and member equipment sale/trade.

May 14, 2019: Long-exposure night photography by Ron Burkett

June 11, 2019: Flash Basics by Art Hummel

July 9, 2019: Camera Hacks by TPC Board Members

August 13, 2019: Photographing People with Art Meripol

September 10, 2019: Light painting with Ted Vodde

October 8, 2019: Forgotten Alabama by Glenn Wills (at Trussville Public Library)

November 12, 2019: John Dersham: My Alabama (at Trussville Public Library)

December 10, 2019: Holiday Social Event


January 9, 2018: Transition from Newspaper to Freelance by Bob Farley

February 13, 2018: Cell Phone Photography by Art Hummel and Others (Club Members)

March 13, 2018: Process to Capture Smoke, the Zippo and Splashing Water by Hank Siegel

April 10, 2018: Lightroom by Gary DeGreen (Club Member)

May 8, 2018: File Storage and Backup Discussion by Art Hummel, Gary DeGreen and Others (Club Members)

June 12, 2018:Light Painting by Anna Houser (Club Member)

July 10, 2018:How to Display Your Work by Group  (Club Members)

August 14, 2018:Butch Oglesby, Photographer, Blue Moon Studios

September 11, 2018: Ken Wills and Larry Davenport authors of Exploring Wild Alabama

October 9, 2018:Light, Understanding It and Creating It by Mike McGary (Club Member)

November 13, 2018:Stanley Parrish Jr., Photographer, Pixel Outflow Studios

December 11, 2018:Holiday Social Event


January 10, 2017: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography by Boris Datnow

February 14, 2017: Lenses-DOF & More by Art Hummel (Club Member)

March 14, 2017: Animal/Wildlife Photography by George Ritchey

April 11, 2017: Macro Photography by Mike Gardner & Neil Kelsoe (Club Members)

May 9, 2017: Drones & Aerial Photography by Jeff Boesch (Club Member)

June 13, 2017:“What’s in your bag?” by Club Members

July 11, 2017:“The History of Photography” by Hank Siegel

August 8, 2017: Eclipse Photography by William Nunnelee

September 12, 2017Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather

October 10, 2017: Light  & OCF by Jc Bravo

November 14, 2017:  How to Plan for an Art Show by John Shadrick (Club Member)

December 12, 2017: Photographing Alabama History by Robin McDonald


September 13, 2016: Parastoo “Paris” Farzad Lykins, Owner of Birmingham School of Photography

October 11, 2016: Glen Wills, Photographer and Author of Forgotten Alabama

November 8, 2016: Portrait Photography by Gail Kirkpatrick of Impressions Photography

December 13, 2016: Post Processing-Lightroom & Photoshop by Becky Cullen and Art Hummel (Club Members)

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